• Dr. Barbra Portzline, Organizational Intuitive & Business Strategist

    • What is a Signature Program?

      It is a program, process, practice, system approach  - really anything that helps you stand out and differentiate yourself from others!

      Our clients have developed webinars, keynote presentations, online communities, subscription boxes, retreats, online training modules, marketing tools to increase foot traffic to their location, the possibilities are endless!

    • If You Had A Full Team At Your Disposal, How Much Could You Get Done?

    • Are you the type of person who...

      • Finds it hard to put your business first because of competing demands and priorities?
      • Knows that you are meant for greatness but could benefit from some support?
      • Is ready to make the money you want, so you can live the life you want, and give back to those you want to help?
      • Realize that if you had time to focus only on your business amazing things would happen?
      • Need some new ideas and a tactical plan to move your business forward?
      • Is ready to get down and dirty and get your program DONE!


      If so, we can help!

    • We help you with your packages, pricing, marketing, and materials so you can launch!

    • I know you may be wondering if this is going to be a good use of your time and money.  You may be thinking…. "Will I really get the results I want, or am I just kidding myself".......

      I have been there.  I spent many years and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to grow my business.  I attended tons of training, read lots of books, got feedback from successful business owners, but still I wound up struggling.  A lot of times I really started to look at myself and wonder.... “What is wrong with me?”  “Am I a failure?” “I'm so busy, but am I really getting ahead, or am I only justifying my own self-worth, by running around like a crazy woman.”

      At one point, I lost motivation for my business.  I even halfheartedly started looking for jobs.  But I still had this nagging feeling that I was meant to impact tons of people in a big way......

      And then, in my 40's after a series of events I had a great shift in the way I approach my work and the way that I guide my clients.... life changing really. Part of it was realizing in addition to my strategic business skills I had an incredible intuitive gift……

      And I have truly made miracles in people's businesses as a result. And finally, I found my passion. Helping people develop a sustainable business aligned to their soul purpose or who they are at the core.


    • If you don't want to wait until the next intensive or if you want individual support...

    • There are options!

    • If you already have many of the elements in place for your business, or if you are starting a new business but still need strategy, focus, and accountability support you can work with me to achieve your desired results through my One Day or 6 Week VIP intensives.

      This may include:

      • Developing Programs & Packages
      • Revising Existing Programs
      • Pricing Support
      • Materials Development (webinars, presentations, website)
      • Trusted Advisor Support
      • Accountability
      • Marketing & Social Media

      We work together to get you the RESULTS that you seek from our relationship.

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    • I signed up to do a daily intensive. As a business owner, I was a bit skeptical as to what she was going to do in a day but I committed to giving it a shot. That day drastically changed my life both personally and in business. Barbra's uncanny ability to brainstorm brilliant ideas on the fly makes her extremely special and incredibly unique. Within that daily intensive, I not only left with a new business product that I had never considered before but a plan on how to roll it out. Barbra's positivity and approach to business through abundance is something I wish this world had more of. I can guarantee that anyone who signs up with Barbra will not only get a new perspective but they will experience success - her suggestions work if you do.

      Jessica Gentry, Managing Partner, JG & Associates

    • I first worked with Barbara at Organizational Rebel in a one day workshop at her office. Immediately I knew I needed to continue working with her and signed up for a 6 week business coaching package. Since then my business revenue has grown by 30 %. I have hired my first employee , obtained my own private label skin care line and spend less time spinning and more time Winning! Barbara is a gifted intuitive strategic business planner.She effectively crutches the numbers, points out the obvious and sets people into action like no other. I am forever grateful.

      Kristin Near, Botanica Spa & Salon

    • Using her business assessment tool and her almost shocking ability to see even beyond the assessment and get to what matters most next so quickly, Dr. Portzline was able to offer accurate insights and make strategic and targeted suggestions. Her insights were not limited to how to cut through the external noise and confusion about how to achieve new business growth. She was also candid and caring in helping me to understand what shifts I needed to make internally in order to be more in alignment with implementing long-term growth goals. Things that I could not see.

      Pam Rosen, Human Development and Communications Strategist, Light Heart Communications, LLC

    • Are you ready to transition out of the workplace? Or maybe you are ready to start pivoting a different direction with your business? Do you know you are meant for greatness but you are not sure how to start walking in your power?

      Join us for our free 35 minute webinar so you can gain clarity around your Signature Program or Presentation and start sharing your gifts with the world!

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    • Get the clarity, insight and tools to take action to monetize your program, commit to your true desires as an entrepreneur, and reclaim passion for your business.